Luxury iPad Stand (fits iPad, iPad2 & iPad3)



The most functional and versatile iPad stand available. Works with iPad, iPad 2 and the New iPad.


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They sell this as the iPad transformer overseas, and with good reason. Simply put, it provides all the functionality of a normal iPad stand. And then some. That's because it's been designed to allow you to angle and use your iPad exactly as you need to as each different situation calls for it. Want to stand your iPad up and use it with a wireless keyboard? You can do that. And in both portrait and landscape modes. Or perhaps you want to lie your iPad down, but keep it on just the right angle to be able to type directly onto its screen - that's easy. And if you'd like to hold the iPad with non-slip,easy grip convenience, well that's possible too.


To achieve its multi-use, multi-angle convenience this iPad stand features two key segments: grips on either side especially designed to hold your iPad in a variety of ways, and spring loaded spine. And it's the spine that allows the real magic to happen. With push button simplicity the width of the iPad stand can be adjusted to four different lengths, from a compact travel size to a fully extended,landscape viewing mode.


Using this iPad stand you'll be able to interact with your iPad in four different ways:

  1. Portrait, upright: perfect for display or for use with a wireless keyboard
  2. Landscape, upright: perfect for display or for use with a wireless keyboard
  3. Portrait, flat: the perfect angle for using the iPad's screen
  4. Landscape, flat: the perfect angle for using the iPad's screen
  5. Handheld: a smooth, ergonomic grip, perfect for holding and moving with the iPad

Portrait, upright

Landscape, upright

Portrait, flat

Landscape, flat

Portrait & landscape, handheld


The iPad might pack a massive battery life, but that doesn't mean there aren't times that you'll need to charge it. And unlike a great many other iPad stands on the market, this one has been designed around that need. When used in an upright position your charging cable will fit neatly underneath, while in a flat position special notches in the stand's grip allow for the iPad charger to be inserted.